The Screaming Lemurs’

American faith

Words and Music by T. McCotter 2011


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Last year, when an impromptu, eclectic Screaming Lemur ball assembled to record American Faith, our friend Andrew Breitbart was present in his full conservative, creative, connective spirit.  In the wake of his passing, those who met and assembled that night because of Andrew all readily agreed that to fully and fittingly commemorate his memory we'd debut American Faith in honor of his continuing inspiration; and, if you like it, offer the chance to download the ditty with all proceeds going to Susie and the kids. 

We "Breitbart Conservatives" hope you join us in the cause of remembering Andrew and comforting his beloved family.


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Gary Eaton:  Vocals, Lead Guitar, Drums

Shelli Eaton:  Vocals

Dennis “Dinky” McCotter:  Bass, Backing Vocals

Melody Marie:  Backing Vocals

Thaddeus McCotter:  Electric and Acoustic Guitars

“Wahrd”:  Karma & Crumpets

Andrew Breitbart